About Us

We provide professional services including architecture, design, development, integration and deployment of large scale and highly concurrent software applications, data-driven applications, real-time and batch analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science.

We provide training on highly in-demand skills through specially designed workshops. Our trainings are aimed at nurturing advanced professional skills with special emphasis on hands-on and practical aspects for immediate applicability in a professional environment.

Farhan Zaidi

Farhan Zaidi has over 25 years of experience in software architecture, design and development.

Farhan has an MS in Computer Science from University of Southern California, Los Angeles USA and a BS Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering Lahore Pakistan. He has worked in US Software industry as a Senior Software Engineer for many years and also held key positions in Software industry in Pakistan.

He is skilled in architecting and designing networked, distributed software systems, enterprise and carrier grade systems, implementing network and telecommunication protocol stacks from specifications and standard documents, reliability and high availability engineering and fault tolerant software applications, middleware, platforms and framework implementation. Farhan has also managed software teams to deliver working projects to customers in Pakistan, USA and African continent.

Farhan’s current interests include Data Science and Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies.

Umar Murtaza

Umar Murtaza has over 20 years of experience as an IT Professional with strong knowledge and experience of major functional IT areas, with an emphasis in implementations of UNIX/Linux systems in data centers with 24x7 support, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, redundancy and high availability, and administering on-going operations for business critical financial and software development environments.

Umar has worked for many years in managing projects in the fast paced financial market in New York Manhattan, USA and also in Pakistan IT industry for LMKR and several other companies.

Umar holds an MS in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Maryland, USA and a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering Lahore Pakistan.

Zaka Kiani

Zaka has over 15 years of rigorous programing experience in C/C++ programming. His diverse projects and skills-set include Network & System Programming (Linux, Solaris, Windows), Linux Programing (Shell, POSIX APIs), developing protocol stacks from specifications, Kernel Programing (Kernel Modules, Linux Character Device Drivers, Windows NDIS Drivers), Multithreaded & Distributed Applications, Asynchronous Event-Driven Programming Paradigm, Call Control & Switching Solutions (VOIP, IMS), Media Server (MSCML, RTP, RTSP, TTS, Intel IPP Codec Suit, FFmpeg), Application Layer Protocol Stacks (H.245, SIP, DIAMETER, RADIUS, SMPP, USSD, EAP), Databases (MySQL C API, Oracle C API, Unix ODBC), Process Monitoring & High Availability Application (Linux) and MAC Layer Protocol Stacks (Bluetooth, IEEE Standards 802.11 a/b/g/i/e).

Zaka holds an MS in Computer Science from International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Mansoor Ul Haq

Mansoor has more than 9 years of experience and thorough and in-depth knowledge with hands on experience in C/C++, Network Programming, TCP/IP, Multithreaded Applications, Distributed Applications, POSIX APIs, Event-Driven Programming Paradigm, Call Control & Switching Solutions, SIP based VOIP, IP Multimedia Sub-Systems, DIAMETER Server, RADIUS Server, IP-PBX, CCXML, SMPP, USSD, integrating Mozilla Spider-Monkey JavaScript run-time, HTTP and MySQL. Majority of his experience is on Linux family of Unix-like Operating Systems.

Mansoor holds an MS in Computer Science from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan.