Available Trainings

  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing (Non-Programming version with open-source tools)
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing (Programming version with Python)
  • Full-Stack Web-Application Software Development
  • Dev-Ops with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Python programming bootcamp

  • What are GridBricks training workshops?

    Our workshops are a combination of tutorials, hands on exercises, small realistic projects, interactive discussions and a thorough treatment of best practices relevant to the topic.

    The workshop format includes:

  • Short tutorials with carefully chosen examples that aid in understanding a concept in depth
  • Code walkthroughs (for software development courses)
  • Several hands-on exercises
  • Short group discussion sessions
  • Programming projects or case studies
  • Short Quizzes
  • Homework assignments (possibly in some cases)
  • A set of best practices relevant to the technology

  • Target Audience

  • Freshly hired IT Engineers and administrators
    • To bring them up to speed with latest technologies in a practical way. The objective is to shorten their learning curve and make them productive for the enterprise in the smallest possible time
  • Freshly hired Software Developers/Engineers
    • To give them a hands-on, immersive experience into practical software design and development projects thus enabling productivity as a software engineer in the shortest possible time
  • Mid to Senior IT and Network Engineers
    • To give them a quick refresher on core concepts, and learn latest technologies to broaden their skills-set. Some of our courses are well suited as preparatory guides for certification exams in relevant technologies, if the engineers desire to take such an exam
  • Mid to Senior level Software Engineers
    • To give them a hands-on refresher of software development in latest frameworks and technologies. This enables companies to diversify and expand their portfolio with new domains and software tools, thus resulting in new revenue streams
  • IT Managers and System Engineers
    • To give them a broad overview of latest technologies and trends, describing core concepts related to the latest buzz words in enterprise IT management. The purpose is to enable them define practical policies and plans at the enterprise level relevant to fields like Information and Cyber Security
  • Software Managers and Team Leads
    • To enable gain better insights into software cost and time estimation, software quality assurance and latest software engineering practices like Dev-Ops and the CI/CD pipeline and thus better manage large and complex projects
  • Students
    • Fresh graduates or final year students doing their projects who want to advance and expand on their skills via learning latest technologies like Information Security and Software Design and Development to enhance their employability

  • Training Venues

  • On-site
    • At a corporate campus with participants exclusive to the enterprise
  • Off-site
    • At a GridBricks arranged venue with nominated participants from Enterprises or individuals registering in their own capacity
  • On-line
    • We are planning on creating several on-line courses for quick, self-paced learning for a broader skill-level audience

  • Training Duration and Structure

    Most of our trainings are 01 to 05 day duration. This usually means that they range from 8 to 40 hours.

    However, we are flexible in structuring the training in different ways while keeping the number of hours to be the same. For example, a training could be arranged as one of the following options:

  • Full-day engagement continuously for the whole duration of the workshop e.g. continuous three days without a gap

  • Full day engagement with gaps in between e.g. two days per week for two weeks for a four day workshop

  • Half day or four hours engagement once or twice a week in mornings or evenings for one month or more. This may come handy for professionals who are very busy with and the nature of the job is such that and it is difficult for them to take long full-day breaks.